TBT Chamonix

Chamonix is one of the most well known adventure sport playgrounds, with the Mont Blanc massif just a couple of cable car journeys away. We arrived in Chamonix from Font on our Europe Tour 2016 and spent a couple of nights dotted around.

Day 1 we caught the cable car up, expensive but well worth it, and then the panoramic gondola from Aguille du Midi to Helbronner (Italian side of Mont Blanc). The morning provided some superb weather, where we watched many people crossing the glacier like ants across a garden path. The journey back from to the French side however took a great turn, a storm rolled in and the gondolas stopped for 15 minutes while hail hammered down; a complete white out. But as quickly as it came, it disappeared, and suddenly we could see the glacier a couple hundred feet below.

Day 2 we spent sport climbing in Les Gaillands. A busy but large road side crag with lots of facilities close by (and spaces to park up with awesome views!). A good start to the sport climbing on our road trip!

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