TBT Bracciano

Located 30km northwest of Rome, Bracciano is a small town perched on the hillside looking out across a gorgeous lake. The town itself has very few activities beyond the dominating castle that overlooks the town however the lake really makes up for this. Providing Rome’s drinking water, motorized watercraft are strictly limited to keep water quality high and noise pollution low, and it works! The crystal clear water that shone bright blue during the day became unimaginably still, reflecting the lights of lakeside towns late into the night. The glow of Rome unfortunately lit the southern sky late into the evening but shooting stars were still a regular occurrence.

The early morning water attracted a lot of campers, but we must have slept through it call. Spending much of the night talking to other campers, we slept, opening the doors to this wonderful view. Some breakfast, a quick swim and a slacklining session filled the morning before packing up and reluctantly moving on.

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