Kat’s Adventures

Like all good stories, this one starts at the pub.

Kathmandu scrambles at Stanage Edge – Film Shoot

April 10, 2019

We took a mid-week trip up to the Peak District for some filming! We walked up from car park, through the woods and up onto the boulder field before scrambling up Stanage Edge.


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Kathmandu summits in the Peak District

April 5, 2019

Last weekend we headed up to the Peak District. During the days, my humans attended an Outdoor First Aid course (for humans) and I slept in the van but in the morning and evenings we went for walks.

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Kathmandu at Sheffield Adventure Film Festival

March 23, 2019

Last weekend I attended the BMC SHAFF held in the middle of Sheffield. We headed up on Saturday morning via Hathersage to look at some bikes in Sonder of Alpkit before making our way over to the festival to support Climbers Against Cancer.


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OS Champions meetup

March 11, 2019

Adventure! Extended Christmas

January 5, 2019

Adventure! Cotswolds

December 22, 2018

Tail amputation

December 17, 2018

Resting up

December 13, 2018

Broken tail

December 6, 2018

Kathmandu at Kendal Mountain Festival

November 15, 2018

Check out my adventures around Kendal. Kendal Mountain Festival is the UK’s main social event for outdoor enthusiasts. I’m definitely an outdoorsy type so I thought I’d make an appearance. I’d never been up to the Lake District either, so it was a good opportunity to explore some of national park.


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Adventure! Lake District

November 5, 2018

Kathmandu explores the Black Mountains, Wales

October 20, 2018

Last weekend we drove down to the Black Mountains (Brecon Beacon National Park) in Wales to stay with some friends on a small holding.


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Adventure! Malverns AONB

October 5, 2018

Long weekend down in the Malverns. Late night walks in the woods, early morning walks on the Malverns. Went to Redpoint Worcester Climbing center where some people recongised me from instagram! Can’t go anywhere. Went for an early morning walk, a dog scared me, I bit dads finger.

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Adventure! Surrey Hills AONB

September 22, 2018

While mum went off with AdventureQueens, I did my own adventuring with dad. We went for a walk down some muddy tracks, where I met a few people but didn’t hang around to chat. We turned around to start making our way back to van, through all the mud again, when I bumped into a horse (and rider). I was really scared, I had no idea what it was, it was just huge.

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Chilling after the NC500

September 3, 2018

I discovered a love for sleeping in weird places, like flower beds…

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Adventure! Scotland NC500

August 24, 2018

Local trails

August 18, 2018

Quick walk along the canal. Got a bit scared so walked in the field behind instead. Met a few people, had a chat but couldn’t stick around, had to go and explore.

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Adventure! Countryfile live

August 4, 2018

First adventure – Carsington water

July 8, 2018

Home bound

June 30, 2018

Growing up

May 1, 2018

Found and resuced

April 11, 2018

At just 3 days old, Kat, her mum and two sisters got rescued from underneath a Swansea pub and taken back to our friends house who cared for them on behalf of Cats Protection. We were in the middle of Portugal on our 2018 road trip, when they got in touch with us asking whether we’d be interested in adopting one of the kittens.

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April 8, 2018

On 8 April 2018 I was born, under a pub.

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