2016 Van Conversion

In 2016, we converted an ex-commercial Nissan Primastar van into a camper van fit for two, and set off on a 6 week road trip around Europe covering 9 countries and 6000 miles. Since then we have spent almost every weekend in the van, travelling to different parts of the UK visiting friends and family, climbing, and enjoying the great outdoors. Check out our larger journeys in the trips page, or our weekly travels in our blog or social media pages.

We are still in the process of documenting the full story of the conversion, but chapters are slowly being added to the website. Keep an eye out as we publish the various stages of our DIY van conversion,

Van: Buying your 2nd home

Layout: Space vs comfort

Electrics: Let there be light

Insulation: Creating your homely feel

Sleeping: Getting out of bed on the right side

Storage: Optimising storage solutions

Extras: What more could you need?