The world has infinite options for travelling. There are hundreds of types of transport and literally millions of destinations. Our blog aims to give you information about the places we’ve been; generally adventure related activities along with a mix of world heritage sites or odd places that take our fancy!


Roadtrips ( #vanlife )

South East Europe

6 weeks. 6000 miles. 10 countries.
In summer 2016, we both graduated from Swansea University. With a nearly 2 month break before we both starting our graduate roles, we headed on an epic road trip in South East Europe covering 6000 miles across 10 countries in the recently finished van conversion.

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South West Europe

3 weeks. 4800 miles. 3 countries.
Having started engineering related roles upon return from the South East Europe roadtrip, we hadn’t managed to take a similar adventure until April 2018. Despite having two international trips in 2017 and many weekends around the UK, we desperately wanted to spend a few weeks in the van. Using the ‘free’ Easter days off, we managed to get a 24 day holiday with only using 14 days of annual leave. For our South West Europe roadtrip we set off through France, crossing into Spain where we skirted the north coast until we reached Portugal. We followed the coastline south and east to Faro, then the Spanish border north before heading directly back to the UK.


Wake up somewhere different!

Norwegian Winter

One week. One Country. Simple.
Norway is probably high on most peoples’ bucket lists. The northern lights are a strong attraction in winter and the amazing fjords in summer. We had a mixed week of city sight seeing, skiing and ice climbing! Watch this space for a summer trip, but for now here is the info on our winter trip!

Journey through Jordan

Two weeks. One Country. Several bucket list ticks.
In April 2017, we flew out to Jordan for a fortnight exploring ancient ruins and the wonderful desert! Jordan is just packed full of surprises and lovely people. Check out our journey through Jordan here.