South East Europe roadtrip 2016

Trip Overview

Duration: 5 weeks 
Time of year: July/August
International Transport: Van, Eurotunnel (Folkestone – Calais) & Ferry (Bari – Dubrovnik)
Local Transport: Van 
Accommodation: Van – mostly“wild camping”, some campsites
Rough cost:£1200 per person

The day after graduation, we headed to the channel tunnel for an all adventure 5 week, 6000 mile trip around Europe.

Our route took us down through France, Switzerland and Italy, where we then crossed the Adriatic Sea to Croatia. Following the coastline north, we entered Slovenia before heading further east to Hungary. At this point it was about time to slowly head home ready for waiting graduate roles. We crossed Austria, Germany and Belgium before re-entering France and crossing the channel back to the UK.

Our Route





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