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Norway – Feb 2017

Trip Overview

Duration: 9 days.
Time of year: Early February.
Flights: Manchester – Oslo Torp (Sandefjord).
Transport: Public – Train, bus, metro.
Accommodation: Airbnb (Oslo), Hostel (Rjukan)
Rough cost: £700 per person, inc £300 ice climbing course & £60 ski hire.

Norway, perhaps known for being a less affordable travel destination is quite possibly one of the best places we’ve been. We visited in February 2017, but really want go back during the summer to experience the valley buzzing with wildlife. Norway has such a wide range of activities on offer, from world class cross country skiing and ice climbing during the winter and amazing kayaking in the fjords in summer.

Top Five

Our Itinerary

Day 1

We flew from Manchester into Oslo Torp (Sandfjord), arriving in Norway at 14.30. We caught a shuttle bus to the nearest train station and spent the next couple of hours soaking in the incredible scenery that we were passing. We arrived in Oslo in the late afternoon, but being winter it was already getting dark. We walked across town to our Airbnb where we cooked a quick meal and headed back out to explore the city at night. We wandered around the streets for a while, finding some points of interest before popping out on the bay side. From here we could see the across the frozen water to the opera house and the financial sector. We followed the tourism trail around the bay, seeing works of art such as the increased scale fish drying racks. 

Day 2

The next morning we woke up early and caught a bus out to Notodden. We switched buses at Notodden and continued our journey to Rjukan, passing incredible scenery.

Day 3 – Skiing

Day 4 – Skiing

Day 5 – Krossobanen and Vemork

Day 6 – Rest day & Ice climb meet

Day 7 – Ice Climbing – Gaustablikk

Day 8 – Ice Climbing – Krokan

Day 9

On the final day we used the metro to head north of the city. 

We arrived at the airport easily in time for our flight and waited for check in to open. We started talking to others that were also waiting and it soon became apparent that we were all waiting for the same flight – clearly the airport was not all that busy and they began shutting all the shops. A couple of inbound flights arrived but there were no other outbound flights that night.

We arrived back in Manchester at 11pm, collected our bags and drove back home ready for work the next day!

Our Experiences

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