Kathmandu explores Cornwall – Easter weekend

Kathmandu in Cornwall

The long weekend started with a long journey. We drove all the way down from the Midlands, via Worcester (to pick up a SUP) and Bodmin to Cornwall.

Thursday / Friday

We left late on Thursday evening and drove through the night. I’d slept for a bit and was really excited to get out, but we kept on driving. After about 6 hours we reached Colliford Lake at midnight, where I jumped out to explore. The water didn’t bother me, and I spent a while fishing for bits of weed that were being washed up. A few of the waves got me so I attacked them back before running off to play on the rocks.

We jumped over the rocky wall and onto the road for a short run. I was a bit cautious around the cows munching away in the field opposite, but I was soon distracted by a toad jumping over the road in front of me. We spent a bit more time exploring the beach again and wandering through the trees before heading back to the van at 1am.

We then continued the journey down to Cornwall to beat the bank holiday traffic. I looked out in the morning to find we’d parked up on a cliff edge. There were lots of birds flying around and i really wanted to chase them but the humans weren’t up to take me for a walk.

Later that day we arrived at some family, and set up a base in their field. I was able to explore the field, stalking their chickens. I found lots of places to hide and jump out at them, but sometimes me scaring them would also make them all start making noise which sometimes scared me!


On Saturday morning, I decided to sleep in the van while the humans went out surfing with Ticket to Ride. The van was pretty warm by the time they came back, so we drove to a cool little woodland further south. I was keen to get out of the van, but didn’t fancy walking very far. We crossed the road and had a quick explore but I ran back to the van and slept in the back for an hour or so.

Having chilled for much of the afternoon, I wanted to head out for a walk once the sun had set. We walked along the road and up Trencrom Hill in complete darkness. There were so many bugs to catch and smells to follow, but I was really good and followed the humans. After spending a bit of time on top exploring, we headed down and back to the van.


On Sunday morning, some of the humans went out for a bike ride so I stayed near the van. I explored for 3 hours or so before jumping back in the van for a sleep.

After dinner on Sunday, we headed to the beach. My first time exploring at the beach didn’t go too well. I was scared of the huge crashing waves and how open it was, but this was a few months ago. I’m a lot braver now and we found a quiet place to settle while the humans went out on these boards on the water. Maybe one day i’ll join then, but not out in the sea yet. We sat and watched the sunset then I decided to climb the sheer sand back behind us. Mum had to follow me up and then help me get back down.


Before leaving on Monday, we headed for another walk up Trencrom Hill. This time we went the other way, and across the fields, through a farm and up. I met cows, and a horse, but happily walked alongside the dogs I’d been staying with for the past few days. There was lots to explore. I enjoyed the big rocks most, jumping up and down, watching the humans struggle!



Kathmandu, Adventure Cat

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