Kathmandu at Kendal Mountain Festival

Kathmandu at Kendal Mountain Festival

Kendal Mountain Festival is the UK’s main social event for outdoor enthusiasts. I’m definitely an outdoorsy type so I thought I’d make an appearance. I’ve only been up to the Lake District once, so it was a good opportunity to explore some more of the national park.

We arrived late on Thursday night I immediately wanted to go out for a walk [at 11pm]. We explored the local woodland and I climbed a few trees before heading back to the van and to sleep. I woke up early [3.20am] and wanted to play, but my humans didn’t for some reason. I reluctantly went back to sleep for another couple of hours before I tried again. This time they got up and we went for a walk in some more woodlands and explored down by the river. I sat in this little stream that fed into the river and tried to catch the water. I spent a while doing this before i realised i was quite wet. We headed back to the van and all had breakfast before driving into Kendal. I stayed in the van and managed to get a bit of sleep while they disappeared off for a bit. Later though I caught up with some friends on the Climbers Against Cancer and Grangers stands.


Later that evening we went for another walk in a different place. I roamed around, exploring new smells. There were quite a few dogs around though, so i got a lift back to the van and slept for a bit more.


Kathmandu, Adventure Cat

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