Lake Bohinj in our opinion was far nicer – 3 times the size, 1/3rd of the people and everything was cheaper: it pays to go the extra few miles up the valley. Tourism is still fairly high here, but we found a relatively quiet crag to climb in. Some locals gave us some good info on other climbing spots around and were genuinely interested in our trip. The lake also offers a huge range of water sports, with small huts acting as offices around the SE side of the lake. We had an hour or two spare after climbing and decided to go Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) on the lake. I think for most of the time we were on the water, there was only about 5 others on the lake.
Note: Bohinj IS located in Triglav park, so don’t park up and sleep here. We heard they’re pretty tight on it so didn’t try.