We’ve now completed two quite different van conversions and worked on a few others for friends. The experience and knowledge we’ve gained is far from extensive, but it’s certainly a lot more than we started with. We’ve created a series of pages highlighting some of our considerations during the stages of each design, from choosing a van, the necessary tools, cutting holes for windows right through to some of the finishing touches. We hope to expand on this over the coming months / years as we continue to learn more and apply this knowledge and experience to more vans, and perhaps even boats or tiny homes!

We’re currently researching (and saving for) a larger van that we hope to live in and work from in the near future. Keep posted for our updates on this and feel free to ask any questions. Check out the pages below for more info on our first two vans!

V2.0 “SteVan” – 2018

Make / Model: 2016 Renault Trafic
Dimensions: L1 (4999mm) x H1 (1971mm)
Cost: £12500 van + £6000 conversion
Longest trip: 1889mi (Alps 2019)

We bought SteVan back in July 2018 to replace KeVan. We found we were taking more couples on microadventures with us and wanted the ability to safely carry more passengers. With a larger budget, we decided we could do more of a professional-style job and include some additional features with a changed layout.

V1.0 “KeVan” – 2016

Make / Model: 2007 Nissan Primastar
Dimensions: L1 (4999mm) x H1 (1971mm)
Cost: £1000 van + £1200 conversion
Longest trip: 6000mi (Europe 2016)

Andy traded his old car for this former works van back in 2016 during the week of final year January exams. A student-budget conversion, completed on the streets outside his student house, this van took us all over Europe. We sold the van shortly to a uni friend shortly after purchasing V2.0.