Two Travlrs


Water is one of the most amazing substances, and its somewhat ironic that us humans, up to 60% water, travel for miles to experience the calming effects of this mysterious liquid. We were extremely lucky to have have spent 4-5 years studying at Swansea University with the coast right on our doorstep, literally on some days… We were able to watch amazing sunsets, sunrises and storms, have bbqs and even sleep out under the starts on the beach. Sheer cliff faces provided great rock climbing and deep water soloing. Moving inland after graduation, we knew we’d miss the sea but we are still lucky to have water near by. Living approximately 100m from a canal, wildlife is in abundance.

Leaving work a little later than usual tonight, I unfortunately got caught in the traffic but decided to get out on the bike for an hour or so once I got back. Adventures really don’t have to be big. A great initiative supported heavily by Alastair Humphreys is Microadventures, purely getting out whenever you can, for however long. This evening I attached the lights and headed up the canal spotting herons, ducks and even a few bats. Being along the water is great, you should really find your local form of water and spend some time by it, its great for the mind.

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